Where we’ll switch gears next

Thanks to combined efforts from the Spokane Regional Health District, Bemiss Neighborhood Council, Hillyard Business District, Northeast Community Center, Agnes Kehoe Place, Green’s Fresh Market, and the Hillyard Festival, Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard reached 359 mode shifters. These folks’ interest to make the switch in their travel choices shows the power of community when transportation options are within reach. Thanks to all the participants who shared their front porches, decks, yards, apartment lobbies, and journeys with us.

The power of choice doesn’t stop here.

In summer 2019, the road is paved (literally) for walking, biking and busing…in North Monroe! We’ll switch gears in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood and start talks soon with the North Monroe Business District. The Monroe Project wrapped up early in September 2018 and it’s very pedestrian friendly!

How will you walk, bike, and/or bus along North Monroe?