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Where we’ll switch gears next

Thanks to combined efforts from the Spokane Regional Health District, Bemiss Neighborhood Council, Hillyard Business District, Northeast Community Center, Agnes Kehoe Place, Green’s Fresh Market, and the Hillyard Festival, Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard reached 359 mode shifters. These folks’ interest to make the switch in their travel choices shows the power of community when […]

Pets, Paths and Parks

You must feel great for getting out there with Fluffy to achieve your walk goals! Here are some tips to get on the right foot on multi-use (walking, biking) paths and being polite with your pooch. (Spokane on Foot Guide pgs 12-13) Find your own path The Washington Trails Association suggests: Stay to the right […]

Stay Cool on Two Wheels

Spokane temps are hovering in the 80s and 90s. Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard is pumped to pedal, but many families have to hit the brakes because they don’t have bikes, don’t live near a bike shop, they need to fix flat tires, or they’re concerned about theft. We’re keeping our ears open to word […]

May the 4th bus you

Happy Fourth of July Greater Hillyard! We’re loving these warm summer nights! Did you set a goal to ride the bus downtown this summer? Fourth of July is a great time to ride the bus downtown to see the fireworks. Best part? You don’t have to look for a parking spot! Pick-up the 27 bus […]