Run Errands on Foot or Bike – A Remedy for Adult Inactivity

Few Americans walk or ride a bicycle as a part of their daily routine. Most rely on their automobiles to go to work, shop for groceries, or just get around. As a result, “active travel,” such as walking or biking for routine trips, is not a significant part of daily life for most Americans, providing little, if any, regular physical activity. Active travel can be a significant source of regular physical activity when built into daily routines, and in most cases, it requires few skills, little extra time, and is inexpensive. Most daily trips are within easy walking or biking distance.


This infographic features evidence on the health benefits and safety of active travel, and examines policies and programs that can help increase active travel. Findings presented in this infographic come from a related ALR research review.


[Reposted from the “MOVE!” blog, a blog about active living. Author: Chad Spoon]

Hundreds Sign-up Through Canvass Outreach

To become a Walk Bike Bus participant, eligible neighbors in the South Perry District must complete and return an order form that offers a variety of useful walking, biking and busing resources. Every household within the target area for this pilot project received an order form that was sent out by mail on June 1st. Our goal for the program, which was based on response rates from other communities, was met within the first two weeks of the program’s launch. Way to step up South Perry Neighbors!

WBB Order Form Image The second round of outreach took place the week of June 29th with a door-to-door canvassing effort. An overwhelming number of neighbors were eager to sign-up as Walk Bike Bus Spokane participants. Over two hundred additional individuals signed-up to participate in just one week! A big thanks goes two our outreach specialists Shayna and Claire for braving Spokane’s early heat wave to bring the joys of walking, biking and busing to South Perry residents.

WCAN CanvassersOur team is now in the process of training over ten friendly and eager volunteer Walk Bike Bus Ambassadors who will be visiting participants to deliver their custom resources, complete a baseline survey, and help people identify specific walking, biking and busing trips they’d like to make instead of driving this summer.

Group Serious MM

We’d like to thank our funders, partners, volunteers and participants for making this incredible success possible. As a result there is a very bright future for growing this kind of education program in Spokane in the future!