Where we’ll switch gears next

Thanks to combined efforts from the Spokane Regional Health District, Bemiss Neighborhood Council, Hillyard Business District, Northeast Community Center, Agnes Kehoe Place, Green’s Fresh Market, and the Hillyard Festival, Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard reached 359 mode shifters. These folks’ interest to make the switch in their travel choices shows the power of community when transportation options are within reach. Thanks to all the participants who shared their front porches, decks, yards, apartment lobbies, and journeys with us.

The power of choice doesn’t stop here.

In summer 2019, the road is paved (literally) for walking, biking and busing…in North Monroe! We’ll switch gears in the Emerson-Garfield neighborhood and start talks soon with the North Monroe Business District. The Monroe Project wrapped up early in September 2018 and it’s very pedestrian friendly!

How will you walk, bike, and/or bus along North Monroe?


Pets, Paths and Parks

You must feel great for getting out there with Fluffy to achieve your walk goals! Here are some tips to get on the right foot on multi-use (walking, biking) paths and being polite with your pooch. (Spokane on Foot Guide pgs 12-13)

Find your own path

The Washington Trails Association suggests:

Stay to the right so walkers, cyclists and other users moving at faster speeds can pass safely on your left.

When traveling in a group, walk two abreast so other users have room to pass.

Listen up for bike bells or an “on your left” call. A bicyclist might pass you or ask for more room. Move to the right of the path, be sure your children are not in the passer’s way, and bring your dog closer if you’re walking one.

Turn down the volume in your ear buds. Stay aware of other users and vehicles around you.

Obey all trail and road signs, and use care where city streets intersect with paths.

You have the right of way as the slowest traveler on the path, so runners and cyclists should yield to you.


Responsible dog ownership helps keep our city clean, green and safe.

Leash your dog — Spokane County Animal Control Code 6.14.080 states dogs must be kept on a leash and under physical control of the handler at all times, unless a park or a park area is signed or designated as an off-leash area.

Scoop the Poop — Some parks provide pet waste bags throughout the park. All pet owners are encouraged to prepare to pick up their pet’s waste wherever they go.

Nearby Parks (includes suggested directions to walk or bike from the Northeast Community Center)

*Double click image to Zoom In

Hays Park 1812 E Providence Ave., 99207

Minnehaha Park 4000 E Frederick Ave., 99217

Andrew Rypien Field 3501 N Rgal St., 99207

Kehoe Park 4903 N Nelson St., 99217

Wildhorse Park 3717 N Ralph St., 99217

Loren Kondo Park 4119 E Longfellow Ave., 99217

All roads lead to Hillyard

Know your streets, and notice the crosswalk  to connect with the Children of the Sun Trail on the corner of Market and Columbia.

Happy walking or riding on local paths!

Stay Cool on Two Wheels

Spokane temps are hovering in the 80s and 90s. Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard is pumped to pedal, but many families have to hit the brakes because they don’t have bikes, don’t live near a bike shop, they need to fix flat tires, or they’re concerned about theft.

Young rider joins Walk Bike Bus Millwood neighborhood bike ride in July 2017.

We’re keeping our ears open to word on the street to point to resources, and we’ll let you know how and where to find affordable bikes and helmets. In the meantime, the Family Biking Guide has tips on bike safety and teaching rules of the road to kiddos.

Need neighborhood family bike trip ideas? Meet us at Green’s Fresh Market for the neighborhood bike ride this Saturday at 9:30am. Sign-up here. We’ll cover ABC quick checks (available en Español) and wind past Kehoe Park, Rochester Heights Park, Jim Hill Park, and the pool. Looking forward to riding with you!

Neighborhood Bike Route July 21, 2018



Run Errands on Foot or Bike – A Remedy for Adult Inactivity

Few Americans walk or ride a bicycle as a part of their daily routine. Most rely on their automobiles to go to work, shop for groceries, or just get around. As a result, “active travel,” such as walking or biking for routine trips, is not a significant part of daily life for most Americans, providing little, if any, regular physical activity. Active travel can be a significant source of regular physical activity when built into daily routines, and in most cases, it requires few skills, little extra time, and is inexpensive. Most daily trips are within easy walking or biking distance.


This infographic features evidence on the health benefits and safety of active travel, and examines policies and programs that can help increase active travel. Findings presented in this infographic come from a related ALR research review.


[Reposted from the “MOVE!” blog, a blog about active living. Author: Chad Spoon]

Hundreds Sign-up Through Canvass Outreach

To become a Walk Bike Bus participant, eligible neighbors in the South Perry District must complete and return an order form that offers a variety of useful walking, biking and busing resources. Every household within the target area for this pilot project received an order form that was sent out by mail on June 1st. Our goal for the program, which was based on response rates from other communities, was met within the first two weeks of the program’s launch. Way to step up South Perry Neighbors!

WBB Order Form Image The second round of outreach took place the week of June 29th with a door-to-door canvassing effort. An overwhelming number of neighbors were eager to sign-up as Walk Bike Bus Spokane participants. Over two hundred additional individuals signed-up to participate in just one week! A big thanks goes two our outreach specialists Shayna and Claire for braving Spokane’s early heat wave to bring the joys of walking, biking and busing to South Perry residents.

WCAN CanvassersOur team is now in the process of training over ten friendly and eager volunteer Walk Bike Bus Ambassadors who will be visiting participants to deliver their custom resources, complete a baseline survey, and help people identify specific walking, biking and busing trips they’d like to make instead of driving this summer.

Group Serious MM

We’d like to thank our funders, partners, volunteers and participants for making this incredible success possible. As a result there is a very bright future for growing this kind of education program in Spokane in the future!