Stay Cool on Two Wheels

Spokane temps are hovering in the 80s and 90s. Walk Bike Bus Greater Hillyard is pumped to pedal, but many families have to hit the brakes because they don’t have bikes, don’t live near a bike shop, they need to fix flat tires, or they’re concerned about theft.

Young rider joins Walk Bike Bus Millwood neighborhood bike ride in July 2017.

We’re keeping our ears open to word on the street to point to resources, and we’ll let you know how and where to find affordable bikes and helmets. In the meantime, the Family Biking Guide has tips on bike safety and teaching rules of the road to kiddos.

Need neighborhood family bike trip ideas? Meet us at Green’s Fresh Market for the neighborhood bike ride this Saturday at 9:30am. Sign-up here. We’ll cover ABC quick checks (available en Español) and wind past Kehoe Park, Rochester Heights Park, Jim Hill Park, and the pool. Looking forward to riding with you!

Neighborhood Bike Route July 21, 2018